Happy 2nd Birthday Lillian Grace!

Last week was Lillian’s 2nd birthday. We had a small celebration at home, much different from what we did last year, but just as special.

The girls had their 2 year and 4 month checkups that morning. They’re doing great and growing like weeds. They’ve both been tall since birth, always in the 90th (or higher) percentile, but this visit the doctor said they didn’t fall into a percentile and that they are “off the charts” for height. Oooook?! Whatever that means…


“Hazie so big!”


Afterwards, we headed to Turf Time. This is one of Lillian’s favorite places. I always have to laugh when I take her to Turf Time. Instead of playing on the turf with all the toys and other kids, she’d rather run around the track with the adults. Definitely her father’s daughter.





That afternoon she helped me bake and frost her cake with “hot chocolate frosting.” She ate more than I got on the cake and had a great time. When Blake got home from work, we ate cake and opened presents. She was so cute while we sang to her. She got shy and just wanted to keep giving Hazel hugs. Melt my heart.






I can’t believe my baby girl is already 2. I think the 2nd year flew by even faster than the 1st. Lillian is such an active, funny, smart, and feisty little girl. We love watching her learn and grow into the beautiful person she’s meant to be.

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Lillian Grace! Love you so much. ♥


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