Lillian | 1.5 Year Update

At 19 months, Lillian is a little over 1.5 years old now. She is such a big girl and is growing up so fast! She had her 18 month checkup a few weeks ago, so I figured now would be a good time to do a little update.

Weight: 23 pounds.
Height: 34 inches. She’s still really tall for her age. 97th percentile. It never fails, people always comment about her height after I tell them her age.
Favorite Pastime: Playing outside. Reading books. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She has become obsessed with Mickey. As such, we only let her watch an episode a day, which is easily the best part of her day.
Least Favorite Pastime: Cleaning up toys. Getting dressed for bed. Sitting in her stroller.
Favorite Food: CHEESE. She flips out when she gets to eat cheese.
Least Favorite Food: Green vegetables.
Sleep: Lillian is the best little sleeper. She sleeps 11-12 hours a night and takes an hour nap during the day. When she wakes up she just lays in her crib and talks to herself until we go in to get her. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. We’ve been spoiled by her sleeping habits, so I’m scared to see what the new baby is going to be like. I feel like our luck is running out.
Teeth: 10 teeth. Her upper first molars just came in.
New Words: She repeats pretty much any word you ask her to say. She’s very chatty. Even if she’s not saying real words, she’s always jabbering. She’s starting to put sentences together and it’s the cutest thing. When I go in her room in the morning she’ll say “Hi mama, how are you?” and I die. At 17 months she started counting to 10 (skipping 4 and 9). Now she can get all the way to 13 by herself!
Diapers: Size 4. We were going to start potty training this month, but I was worried she’d have a setback with the arrival of the baby, which I’ve heard is pretty common. I think we’ll wait another month or two.
Clothes: 2T and 3T.

Wow, the last update I did was when Lilly turned 1. It’s so crazy to look back and see how much she has changed.

She’s a pretty good little girl. However, she’s not the best listener, she loves to destroy everything, and is always running. She never stops moving. Ever. We have been struggling with an appropriate method of discipline that works for us. When she does something she knows is naughty she shakes her finger and yells “STOP IT, Yiyin” at herself or she’ll say “ohhhh nooooo” like whatever she did was a big accident. Then Blake and I laugh because it’s funny. No wonder she doesn’t take us seriously. ;)

We’ve been getting out a lot in the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to take her out to do some fun activities as much as possible. I know we won’t get out as much when the baby arrives, so we’re enjoying it while we can! Here she is at Turf Time and the Anchorage Museum this week.



photo 2 copy 5(1)

photo 1 copy 4(1)

photo 2 copy 6(1)

photo 4 copy 6(1)

And here she is playing in her room today.







Happy weekend everyone!!