Tiny Dancer

In the fall Lillian started going to dance class once a week. It’s a pre-ballet/creative movement class. She has really enjoyed it and has made some sweet little friends in the process. We will be sad to see the year come to an end next week.

Last week was the year-end recital, her very first recital ever! She has been working really hard, trying to get the moves down and was excited to show us her routine. She did so great! She didn’t have any stage fright and did really well following her teacher and hitting most of the moves.

At one point, the girls were supposed to take a couple of steps left and hit a move and then a couple of steps right and hit another move. A lot of the girls forgot about stepping over, so Lillian just stepped right in front of one of the girls and hit her move perfectly. It was so cute and we could not stop laughing.

After her performance, we greeted her with flowers and told her we could go out for dinner. She picked “that peanut place” (aka Texas Roadhouse) so that’s what we did. I think she felt extra special and could not stop smiling all night.

We are so proud of Lillian. She’s done so great in dance throughout the year. She’s the youngest in her class by quite a bit, yet she fits right in. It’s been nice to see her thrive. She’s becoming so grownup and quite the little lady.

Until next time,

p.s.  No, Hazel is not in dance. But I think our fancy girl enjoyed the recital more than anyone. A couple of weeks ago, Lillian’s dance teacher gifted Hazel an old costume. And thank the Lord, because every time Lillian had to put her costume on for pictures or rehearsal or whatever, Hazel would lose her mind. When the teacher gave it to her she freaked out because she was so excited. She’s obsessed with it, wearing it at least once a day since the day she got it. So of course she had to have it on for the recital. Every time I tried to get a picture of Lillian, Hazel would run up right beside her and have to be in the picture, too. She’s something else.