Alaskan Panda Debut

Welcome to Alaskan Panda!! I’m soooo excited to share this blog with you!

For about a year now, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. Blake and I are always trying to keep family and friends updated on what’s going on with us. So many of you are so far away and we don’t see each other or talk as often as we’d like. Since Lillian’s arrival, we have been trying even harder to keep everyone updated. It seems like we are forever texting/sending emails/Facebooking/Instagramming/Tweeting and we’re STILL not reaching everyone. There’s always someone that doesn’t text/Facebook/etc. We decided that with a blog, we should be able to reach everyone that is interested. Everyone has internet, right? Ok. Almost everyone. I guess I’m still going to have to print and snail mail pictures to my Grandpa and Grandma. :)

Alright, here we go! Here’s a quick Olson family update:

  • Lillian is 6 months old and is growing like a weed. At her check-up last week she weighed 17 lbs and 5 ozs. She’s really tall (has been in the 95th percentile since birth) and still bald. Also, she’s super feisty but we ♥ her for it. Below are some pictures on her 6 month birthday. She was NOT in the smiling mood that day. Like I said, feisty.



photo (29)

  • Alaska is nice. I can definitely say Blake loves it a little more than I do. I’m sure you’re all surprised.
  • I’m still home with Lillian. Our days are busy and interesting… to say the least.
  • Blake is good. He’s busy trying to figure out how to hunt and fish as much as possible, while maintaining a full-time job.
  • The house is coming together nicely. We have a big guest bedroom that isn’t occupied nearly enough.
  • We will be in ND January 1-8. Maybe we will see some of you then!


I hope you enjoy reading about what’s going on in our world. Feel free to leave comments or send us a quick email. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely manner. Also, you can subscribe to the blog so that you receive emails whenever there is a new post.

shout out: I just want to say THANK YOU to my computer geek genius husband. I did what I could but he helped take the blog to a whole new/awesome level with some fancy coding something or another.

disclaimer: I type like I talk. I hope it makes sense. Enjoy the grammatical errors. ;)