Soaking Up The Last Days Of Summer

When it comes to weather, we have had an unbelievable summer up here. There’s been tons of days in the upper 60s and 70s. I think we even hit 80s a couple of times. Where am I?!

Warm to me is now 60s and sunny. 70s and sunny means we’re probably heading to the lake or setting up the sprinkler in our yard. I don’t know what it is, 70 degrees in Alaska feels way hotter than it does in the lower 48. I can’t explain it, it just does.

However, in the last couple weeks the air feels cooler, it’s getting darker earlier and earlier at night, and the leaves are rapidly changing. Fall is right around the corner. So when we get yet another gorgeous day, we like to enjoy it, soak it up, take full advantage of it knowing that it could be our last.

Last Monday was one of those days. After nap time I loaded up the girls and headed to one of our favorite places, the Eagle River Nature Center. We LOVE this place. Not only is it stunning, it’s a quick 10 minute drive from our house. It’s also very kid-friendly with a variety of hiking trails, viewing decks, and educational signage. The Rodak Loop is only 3/4 of a mile and easy enough for Lillian to walk run the whole thing by herself.





This trip was extra fun because when we arrived at the viewing decks we found salmon in the water! Every year salmon come to the stream to spawn, but since we’ve never visited during spawning season it was the first time we’ve seen them there. As such, we were pretty excited. Lillian loved watching the fish. She laughed and screamed and pointed and ran around for at least an hour. Hazel sat in silence and watched her sister. Par for the course.








The girls were such good little hiking buddies. They cooperated long enough for me to get some cute photos of them, and even one of the three of us together (note: not a shadow selfie). It was the best day. Summer, don’t go!





In other news, we just returned from a camping trip in the Valdez area. Between mountains of laundry and winterizing the trailer, oh and my Fantasy Football draft, I’m hoping to post some pictures soon.

Until next time,