Blaker’s Birthday

On Sunday was Blake’s birthday! I had been asking for weeks how he wanted to celebrate and he kept playing it off like it was no big deal. Still, I wanted to do something special to celebrate his day. Since we are a “more experiences, less stuff” type of family, I decided to round-up some of our closest friends and head to Alyeska Resort for the weekend.

Alyeska is located in the little town of Girdwood. It is just a short drive from Anchorage, along the scenic Seward Highway. The drive is beautiful year-round. This was our first time making the drive in the winter and it did not disappoint!

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When we arrived at Alyeska, a few of us went skiing and the others explored the resort hotel bar. My plan was to stay with Lillian so the birthday boy could hit the slopes. But Blake insisted that I ski and since it was his birthday, I complied.

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We all met up for a late lunch at the top of the mountain. Lillian hammered a huge bowl of seafood chowder and decided to spit out a cracker right as our family photo was taken. Stinker.





After lunch we hit up the pool and hot tub to relax a bit. We went to the Double Musky Inn for Blake’s birthday dinner. It was delicious! I was sneaky and asked the waiter to bring Blake a birthday dessert, candle and all. Everyone in the restaurant joined in to sing Happy Birthday. Lillian was so funny during the singing. She froze and got really shy. Pretty sure she thought we were singing to her. Such a sweetie.

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We had a great weekend at Alyeska. I have been to my fair share of ski resorts and Alyeska is definitely my new favorite. Great location, reasonable prices, nice runs, no lines, and the views are breathtaking! You really can’t beat the mountain and ocean inlet views it has to offer. I also want to mention (for my fellow Alaskans) that the entire area was very family-friendly. We had no problem taking Lillian anywhere… and I mean anywhere. ;)

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Until next time,