Where do you live?
We live in a small town tucked in the mountains northeast of Anchorage. We love it here! Not only is it GORGEOUS, but it feels like home.

How did Lillian get the nickname Panda?
We have been calling the little one Panda since the day she was born. It all stemmed from a phone conversation I was having with my best friend in the hospital. She asked about how we agreed on Lillian’s name and if Blake put up a fight (side note: we had two girl names picked out, Lillian was always my first choice, not Blake’s). I told her that while Blake was holding Lillian, he just looked up at me and told me that he thought her name should be Lillian. I went on to tell her that he was so happy and proud of me after the whole labor and delivery, that I probably could have suggested we name the baby Panda (completely random word that came to mind in the moment) and he would’ve agreed. It stuck and she’s been Panda ever since.

Is it dark/light there all the time?
Ummm NO! The spring and fall are pretty normal compared to the lower 48. The winter darkness is not bad at all. It is not much different than growing up in North Dakota. However, the summer is really different/awesome. In the heart of summer it does not get dark outside… but we love it! It is amazing how much you can get done and how much energy you have when it feels like two in the afternoon all day. We are looking forward to another summer in The Land of the Midnight Sun!


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