Papa’s Pumpkin Patch

We just arrived home from a week long trip to North Dakota. It was a great time but we’re tired. We are usually so busy every time we go back to visit. It seems we always have a packed schedule with lots of places to go and people to see. We spend two entire days on planes and in airports and most of the trip in a car driving all over the state. It gets to be a lot, especially for the girls. They never really get settled. We wanted this trip to be different. This time we wanted it to be relaxing and a lot more low-key. And it was. We decided to spend the entire week at my mom and dads and just stay put. Next month we’ll be heading down to Montana to spend a week with Blake’s family. I’m really glad we planned it like we did and that we’ll get to spend quality time with both of our families.

On our short list of North Dakota must-dos was a visit to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. I haven’t been since I was a kid. Every fall season I see tons of pictures of my friends and their families having so much fun there. And, because I have FOMO, I start to feel sorry for myself. We don’t really have a pumpkin patch up here. Well, we do. It’s a reindeer farm where a new set of pumpkins is laid out each morning in a field for visitors to choose from. Guessing they come from Costco. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine for what it is and we’ll probably go this weekend, BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME. Anyway, as if the endless pictures aren’t enough, the Travel Channel just named Papa’s as one of the top 10 pumpkin patches in the country. I insisted we go and I was pumped!

*insert Blake rolling eyes*

We went on a Tuesday afternoon and it was still pretty packed. Just know, if you go during the week some of the attractions are not open. It wasn’t a big deal to us because the girls were too little for most of them anyway. There were plenty of other things to do. This place is huge! It was a little overwhelming but a lot of fun.

Hazel is obsessed with slides so Papa’s was her heaven. So many slides! She also loved the horses, which she called moose during our entire stay in North Dakota. #alaskakid But her favorite was pulling a wagon around and filling it with pumpkins. Lillian was feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t her normal self. We could tell she was still trying to have fun though. Poor thing. Her favorite was the corn crib and wee zip-line.


























We could’ve done without the North Dakota wind and Lillian being sick, but we really enjoyed our day at Papa’s. Right before it was time to leave Lillian announced she was exhausted. Blake took her to the truck while Mom and I put back the 102 pumpkins Hazel gathered. We let her pick out two small ones to take home and she was happy.

Hope everyone is having a great fall. The temps are rapidly dropping here, there’s a lot less daylight, and the leaves are nearly gone. We’re trying to enjoy the short season as much as we can before winter arrives. I have a feeling it’s right around the corner.




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