Sledding Fun

The last time I posted I was sharing photos of sunshine and summertime. And now, sledding.

Earlier this week we had a snow day! It didn’t snow a whole lot but the roads were a sheet of ice, causing school cancelations around the area. Although neither of my girls are in school (and Blake still had to work), it was an exciting day for us. Most of our neighborhood friends were home and outside enjoying the snow. Our house is at the bottom of a small hill. The street leading to the house makes for the perfect little sledding hill. It’s a quiet neighborhood and there were plenty of parents supervising, so sledding down the street sounded like a good idea.

Wild child Lillian got into a wreck her first time down the hill. She banged up her face and bit her lip in a couple places, poor little thing. I was worried she’d want to be done after that. Nope. She brushed herself off and spent the rest of the afternoon sledding and having a great time.

Hazel spent most of her time observing. She was happy just sitting in her little pull sled. Lillian and I took her down with us a few times. She didn’t laugh. She didn’t cry. She was her normal straight-faced self. I guess that means she liked it???



“Hold on, Hazie Girl!!” -Lillian





We had so much fun sledding with our neighborhood friends!

I just love that last picture of the girls. They look so happy. And how cute are they all bundled up in their snow gear?!?! I guess winter isn’t so bad… even though it is technically still fall.