Easter Egg Hunt

Today I took Lillian to an Easter egg hunt. Blake offered to stay home with Hazel, so it was just the two of us.

It was held at one of the churches in town. The main event was the egg hunt, but they also had food trucks, bounce houses, a Krispy Kreme booth (whoop whoop), and the Easter Bunny.

Thousands of eggs were dropped from a helicopter, which made it a little more exciting than your average egg hunt. Lillian was fascinated.



IMG_7514Once the eggs were dropped, the kids took off to retrieve them. Lillian caught on pretty quickly and had a great time finding the eggs. I think every single one cracked once they hit the ground, so she pretty much just went around and picked up broken plastic. She didn’t know any better and really enjoyed it.





After the egg hunt we went to see the Easter Bunny, and then played in the straw. I think this was her favorite part. She collected armfuls and made a big pile to jump in. She loved it.




On our walk back to the car she dumped her pail to see what she collected. Broken eggs, candy wrappers, a Beanie Baby, some straw, a Tootsie Roll, and a Crunch bar. Good stuff.


And then we took a window selfie. ↓


Happy Easter everyone! We don’t have anything too exciting planned for tomorrow. We’ll check out what the Easter Bunny left for the girls, go to church, have lunch, and if it’s nice we might go for a hike or to the playground. Hope everyone has a great holiday.



  1. Colleen says:

    Thank you. It’s so fun to see Lillian again. I never heard about that Easter egg hunt when we were there. It’s amazing how there’s little snow on the mountains. I miss the mountains so much and loved ones like you, even more.


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