Second Pregnancy

Last night I posted a photo on Instagram with a caption stating how different my second pregnancy has been. For example:

  • I have two pictures of my growing belly (1st pregnancy – took one every week)
  • Heartburn that started months ago (1st pregnancy – only during the last couple weeks)
  • I almost always forget to take my prenatal vitamin (1st pregnancy – never missed a day)
  • Everything hurts (1st pregnancy – basically a walk in the park)
  • For weeks at a time I lose track of how far along I am. I have no idea how many weeks pregnant I am right now. I’m counting in months this time. Much easier. Less than 3 months to go! (1st pregnancy – I had an app on my phone that kept me updated on how many weeks pregnant I was, it even gave daily updates, whoa)

That’s just the short list. I could go on and on and on. But I won’t. ;)

Seriously though, I’m not going to complain because it really has been another easy and low-key pregnancy. I’m just grateful that I get to experience it a second time.

One thing that remains the same is how excited we are for the baby to arrive. I think I’m actually more excited this time around. I now have an idea of what to expect and how much more love and happiness we have coming our way. Also, I CAN’T WAIT for Lillian to be a big sister and to see how that all plays out. Eeeeek!!

Below is the pic I posted. I’m not a fan of “selfies” but I forced myself to take one and post it. I know I’ll be glad I did.


In other news, we had our first laugh out loud conversation with Lillian last night. I guess that’s not a very accurate statement because we laugh at almost everything she says. But this was really funny and worth sharing.

My brother and his girlfriend were visiting. We were all in the living room setting up some new furniture. Paper, foam, and boxes everywhere. Lillian was running around like a crazy person, having a heyday with all of it. My brother tucked a long strip of paper into the back of her pants/diaper and she ran around with it waving behind her. After a few minutes she was over it, but would not stop running around long enough for us to pull it out.

Uncle: Come here. What do you have in your pants? Come here, there’s something stuck to your butt. Hey, there’s something in your pants. Come here, I’ll help you get it. There’s something on your butt. Hey, what’s stuck on your butt?

Lillian: POOP!!!!

Oh man did we laugh. Good answer, Lilly! The stuff she understands, picks up on, and knows about life amazes me.

And because no blog post is complete without a picture of her, here’s a random one from this morning. She loves to read books. Jammies, circa 1986.

photo 3.PNG(5)

Much love,

p.s. It seems like everyone has been asking about the moose hunt. A post will be coming later this week!!