20 Weeks & A Moose Hunt

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for the kind words and well wishes for baby #2. All of your sweet comments (here and on Facebook) really made our day.

I had my 20 week appointment yesterday. The always exciting anatomy ultrasound was scheduled, so Blake and Lilly joined me. Everything looked good. It was fun to see the baby and get lots of pictures. We did not find out the gender at the appointment. But we did have the ultrasound tech write it down and seal it in an envelope for us to take home… just in case we change our minds.

In other news, Blake left today on a 10 day moose hunt. He has been planning this hunt for over a year. I can’t believe it’s really here/actually happening.

As I type this post, he is on a plane headed up to Kotzebue, AK. From there he’s taking a bush plane out to some river in the middle of nowhere, hopping in a raft, floating down the river, and hunting for a moose. Just him and a buddy (no guide)… in the Arctic Circle… floating down a river (that probably has ice on it)… in a raft… with basically no gear (because of bush plane weight limits)… setting up camp each night… building fires (with wet wood??)… fighting off bears… boiling water to drink… probably eating moss and leaves… the ridiculous and unbelievable list goes on and on. Does this not sound like torture?! I don’t understand. How could anyone in their right mind ever think this was a good idea?! Or safe?! Or fun?! I DO NOT understand.

photo 3 (41)

I tried talking him out of it 1,000 times. That didn’t work. So now I’m just sitting here, trying not to think about every little thing that could go wrong. I’m hoping the next 10 days fly by. Lilly and I have a lot of fun things planned to keep us busy and our minds off of the hunt. I hope that works. And I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time,


  1. Deb Olson says:

    Love the Picture of the new Grandchild ♥ Miss you and Lillian give her a big hug and Kiss from us , and Yes I’m very worried about Blake and saying prayers that all goes well and these 10 days go by fast

  2. rebecca mosser says:

    Good ultrasound picture! I bet it’s going to drive u crazy having that envelope sealed shut with the gender of the baby written down! I wish Blake and his buddy safe travels and the best of luck in getting their Moose! I think the next thing Blake should do is go on Survivor! Haha! Hugs and Kisses to both u and Lillian. God Bless and Take Care! Luv and Miss u all lots!

    • Redragon99 says:

      Give each other a hug for me, and rub baby 2 a little too. I’m sure glad I’m not that moose with him on my tail. Please save the testicles, we can cook them the next time I’m in Alaska. Luv ya

  3. Les says:

    WOW! A great adventure :-)

    I’ve seen some beautiful blond bears on the Noatak River. They say, only brunettes hang out on the Kobuck. I’m sure Blake is floating down the Noatak.

    By the way, congrats on the Baby in waiting. I can’t remember the names you liked. Do you want to share?

    Love you & Vaya con Dios

    Colleen & Les

    • Briana Olson says:

      Blake said he saw a couple lighter bears when they were flying in the bush plane. He had a great time! Thanks for the congratulations. We haven’t decided on names yet. We’re still “discussing” what we like. :) Hopefully in three months we can agree.

  4. Kelsey says:

    My husband would do anything to go on a trip like that! He went backpacking through Denali early this summer and bought a pack raft to float back down. He loved it!! I have no idea how he survived with one back pack and a raft for five days! haha!! But what an adventure….when in Alaska! And so exciting with baby number two on the way!!

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