Alaskan Adventure | Clamping

Last June, when Lillian was just 2 weeks old, we went on a weekend clamping (clamming/camping) trip on the Cook Inlet with a bunch of our friends. Yes, we are those parents… but even with a newborn we had such a fun time. We couldn’t wait to do it again!



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When the season rolled around this year, we checked the tides and booked a weekend stay at our favorite campground. The place we stay at is the best. The owners are so nice, very laid back, AND they have cabins for rent. This is the perfect campground for people with small children. We bring Lillian’s pack’n’play and she can nap, stay dry if necessary, keep warm, and go to bed at a normal time, while everyone else hangs out all day and night by the campfire.


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The beach we went clamming on last year was actually closed for clamming this year due to a significant decline in the abundance of clams. We were forced to clam on a different beach, which turned out to be a total bust. We got clams, but nothing close to our limit. Blake and I aren’t big fans of eating them, so we weren’t heartbroken that we didn’t have bags and bags of clams to take home and fill our freezer.

Lillian had a great time running on the beach and playing in the water and sand. I knew she would love it and couldn’t wait for her to get out there! And yes, this is how we dress for the beach in June. ↓ Jealous? Doubt it.

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Lillian loved carrying around the clams once we got back to the campground. I know they look disgusting, but they are actually pretty tasty if you clean and cook them right. We had them for dinner that night!

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We had such a fun weekend of clamping and can’t wait to do it again next year! This is definitely going to be a yearly ‘thing’.

In other news, we are so excited for our month of visitors! My parents and little brother arrive on Friday. We have a lot of fun things planned. I’m hoping the weather cooperates. When they leave, we have a two day break and then Blake’s parents arrive. It should be a fun and busy month full of many more Alaskan Adventures!! ;)



  1. Whitney says:

    She is too cute! Love the pictures. Random fact…I’ve lived in AK my whole life and never gone clamming! I’ve been there when Steve has gotten some clams from the beach in front of his dads, but I’ve never actually done anything myself. I think they are disgusting though so no interest whatsoever in eating them. But everyone tells me it’s really fun to go!

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