The Perfect Weekend

I can’t imagine my first Mother’s Day weekend being any more perfect. As I’ve mentioned 392 times, the weather has been amazing here. We spent all weekend outside enjoying it.

On Saturday we went to the lake. We had a nice time relaxing, playing games, eating, and tending to Lillian. Alaskan Vampire Baby does not love the sun. We made a shady area with a bunch of chairs to keep her happy. But she’d just crawl or walk out of the shade and scream because she was in the sun again. Funny how that works.

She loved playing with our friends’ dogs and playing in the dirt. She was the dirtiest she’s ever been, so obviously she had a good time.




empty Stella bottle = favorite toy of the day




there were bald eagles everywhere


and she's out

and she’s out

On Sunday I was pampered by Blake and Lillian. They got me a few gifts and made me brunch. One gift was lilies for our front yard. Blake and I planted them while our Lilly took her afternoon nap. I hope they grow here because they are so beautiful.

Later in the day we went on a hike. The weather was great and the scenery was amazing. You can’t beat a sunny day in Alaska!

photo 3 (19)(1)

photo 1 (22)

checking for salmon

photo 5 (2)

photo 2 (20)

photo 3 (20)

photo 4 (15)

photo 2 (22)

photo 4 (14)

Relaxation. The outdoors. And my people. My first Mother’s Day was perfect. All week Blake and I have been mentioning how it was the best weekend we’ve had in a long time. It really was.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Much love,

Lillian | 11 Month Update

I can’t believe my baby girl is almost ONE! In a month I’m going to have a little toddler! Whoa.

Weight: 20 pounds.
Height: 29 inches.
Favorite Pastime: Playing in the toilet. We try to keep our bathroom doors closed at all times. If we forget, there’s a 99.9% chance that we’ll find something in the toilet. A couple days ago it was her smiley face ball. Yesterday it was a sock. Today a handful of ponytails. I feel like I’m living with a dog.
Least Favorite Pastime: There’s nothing that stands out this month. BUT she has started throwing little tantrums so that’s fun.
Favorite Food: Lil’ Crunchies, which are basically Cheetos for babies. As such, she only gets them on rare occasions (like when we’re out for dinner and need to keep her still and happy for a long period of time).
Least Favorite Food: Lately she’s been eating everything we offer her. Yay!
Sleep: Sleeps all night. Two good naps a day.
Teeth: 2 teeth. No new teeth. I think she’s working on a couple. She’s been a little fussy and drooling a lot. The necklace you see in some of her recent pictures is supposed to help with the inflammation and pain. The jury’s still out.
Walking Status: She’s taking a few steps but is still pretty out of control.
New Words: Dad. Daddy. Mom. Hi.
Diapers: Size 3.
Clothes: 18 month tops. 24 month bottoms.

Lilly was not very excited about pictures on her 11 month birthday. I think I pissed her off with the bow. I don’t blame her.






Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Here are five things I am lovin’ this week.

1) Leftover Easter candy. I can’t stop eating Reese’s Eggs. Have you noticed they’re on sale everywhere?! It’s a problem.

2) The picture below. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it. It’s just too good not to share again.

photo (83)

3) Baby shoes. Now that Lillian is standing and taking a couple steps, socks no longer cut it for outdoor play and outings. We were basically forced to go shoe shopping. She got these, and these, and these…. and these. She needed them! :)

4) This memoir.

5) The beautiful weather. Sunny. Upper 50s. 16+ hours of daylight. We’ve been getting outside as much as possible. I took Lillian to the playground last week and she loved it! Her favorite thing was playing in the rocks. She would grab handfuls of them, then slowly open her hands and watch the rocks fall to the ground. I swear she did this twelve billion times. Too cute.





We are looking forward to the weekend around here. Lilly and I planned a day of family fun to celebrate the end of a very busy time for Blake at work. He has no idea what we’re doing and it’s driving him crazy. I can’t wait to share!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.




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