Lillian | 10 Month Update

Last week was Lillian’s 10 month birthday. She is getting so big and more fun by the minute. Tonight she got the giggles and laughed for 3 minutes straight. Blake and I were dying. She’s the best.

Weight: 20 pounds.
Height: 29 inches.
Favorite Pastime: Going up and down the step in our hallway. Playing with cell phones. Going for walks. Bath time. Playing pat-a-cake. Reading books (she’s a great page turner).
Least Favorite Pastime: Afternoon naps. Waiting on her bottle.
Favorite Food: Bananas. PB&J. Plain old baby oatmeal cereal.
Least Favorite Food: Peas. Green beans. Peaches. Grapes.
Sleep: Lillian sleeps all night. She takes a nap in the morning and also goes down for a late afternoon nap (she usually just sits in her crib and gives her baby kisses or jumps around during her afternoon nap).
Teeth: 2 teeth. Another month without any new teeth.
Walking Status: Lillian is working on walking. She is standing on her own and walking along furniture. If Blake or I hold out our arms she will take a few quick steps before falling into them.
Diapers: Size 3.
Clothes: 12 month tops. 18 month bottoms.

afterlight (6)

afterlight (4)

her cheeeeese face

afterlight (2)

pat-a-cake! pat-a-cake!

afterlight (3)

How soon is too soon to start planning for her 1st birthday party? It’s never too soon? Ok great, because I started 10 months ago. ;)

Until next time,


  1. Pepp says:

    OMG yeah I said it.. She is way to stinkin CUTE!!!!!! When is too soon to start planning the wedding for her and Hank? Haha

  2. Kelsey says:

    She is soooo cute!!! Avalon will be 11 months this month and I hate it. It is flying by. I can’t even bring myself to plan her one year party. Haha!!

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