Easter 2014

It was a great Easter weekend at our house!

We kicked things off with Mass on Thursday and Friday. I was a little nervous about taking Lillian to the long services, but she did great. We only had one little mishap. She decided to rip the cover off a song book right in front of our priest. Ughhhh. So embarrassing.

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On Saturday we did some chores around the house and then dyed Easter eggs!! Our neighbors and a few other friends came over to join in on the fun. I was sooo excited to start an egg dying tradition with Lillian. Well, she decided to take a 3 hour nap that afternoon (which has NEVER happened) and missed everything. As such, I only got one picture of her after we were done. Whomp whomp.

afterlight (8)

On Sunday morning we woke up, gave Lillian her Easter basket, headed to Mass, and then to our friends’ house for Easter brunch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s so nice to have the friends we have here. We’ve shared lots of holidays/birthdays/milestones together. If we can’t be with family, they’re definitely the next best thing.

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I had so much fun putting together Lillian’s first Easter basket. I ordered her a basket and an embroidered liner from Pottery Barn. Her basket included a stuffed deer doll, a sippy cup and snack containers, two books, a pair of shorts, and eggs stuffed with hair bows and candy (for Blake and I). I think everything was a hit. She’s been carrying the eggs around and banging them together all week. We’ve read the books multiple times already. She loves snuggling the doll. Success!

afterlight (12)

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Is it just me or does she look like a 3 year old in that last picture?

I hope everyone had a great Easter!! Many thanks to all that sent Lillian a special little Easter treat. We really appreciate it!

Lots of love,

Lillian | 10 Month Update

Last week was Lillian’s 10 month birthday. She is getting so big and more fun by the minute. Tonight she got the giggles and laughed for 3 minutes straight. Blake and I were dying. She’s the best.

Weight: 20 pounds.
Height: 29 inches.
Favorite Pastime: Going up and down the step in our hallway. Playing with cell phones. Going for walks. Bath time. Playing pat-a-cake. Reading books (she’s a great page turner).
Least Favorite Pastime: Afternoon naps. Waiting on her bottle.
Favorite Food: Bananas. PB&J. Plain old baby oatmeal cereal.
Least Favorite Food: Peas. Green beans. Peaches. Grapes.
Sleep: Lillian sleeps all night. She takes a nap in the morning and also goes down for a late afternoon nap (she usually just sits in her crib and gives her baby kisses or jumps around during her afternoon nap).
Teeth: 2 teeth. Another month without any new teeth.
Walking Status: Lillian is working on walking. She is standing on her own and walking along furniture. If Blake or I hold out our arms she will take a few quick steps before falling into them.
Diapers: Size 3.
Clothes: 12 month tops. 18 month bottoms.

afterlight (6)

afterlight (4)

her cheeeeese face

afterlight (2)

pat-a-cake! pat-a-cake!

afterlight (3)

How soon is too soon to start planning for her 1st birthday party? It’s never too soon? Ok great, because I started 10 months ago. ;)

Until next time,

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Here are five things I am lovin’ this week.

1) Alaska Day. Don’t ask me what it is because I have no idea. All I know is that Blake had Monday off. And guess what we did to celebrate. Get ready for this… it’s super exciting… taxes.

2) Sioux Hockey!! After barely even making the NCAA tournament, the Fighting Sioux from North Dakota U are in the Frozen Four. They play the Gophers. Rivalry renewed. Ahhhh!!!


3) Real Housewives. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the Real Housewives. Word on the street is that a whole lot of crazy went down during the taping of the Atlanta reunion. Can’t. Wait.

4) Baby mullets. Because Lillian has one. Granted, it’s only about 10 hairs on one side of her head, I’m counting it.

5) This quote. ♥

Have a great weekend.




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DIY | Ruler Growth Chart

One of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest was this ruler growth chart. It was love at first sight. I knew I wanted one, but I wasn’t willing to pay over $100 for something that looked so easy to make.

Years passed, I had Lillian (an acceptable person to measure on a regular basis), and one day I realized that she was over two feet tall and almost standing. So naturally, I loaded her in the car and headed straight to Home Depot to get everything I needed to make a growth chart for her.

I spent the afternoon gathering supplies and making the growth chart. I am not a DIYer, but this was such a quick and easy project.

Here’s how I made ours.


  • I used a 1″ x 8″x 6′ board. The stencils were 5″ stencils. The stain color I chose was Ipswich Pine. I think the rest of the ‘What You Need’ is self explanatory. Most items can be found around the house.
  • I grabbed a pencil and ruler, and started making little marks an inch apart all the way up the board.
  • Then, using the marks I made and the straight edge of the ruler,  I drew 1″ lines for each inch marker, 2″ lines for each 1/2 foot marker, and 3″ lines for each foot marker . (note: I started my first line at a 1/2 foot. I knew I wanted to hang the ruler a little off of the ground, so the markings start at a 1/2 foot and end at 6 1/2 feet)
  • Next, I stenciled numbers onto the board to mark each foot. I did mine vertically but I have also seen them done horizontally.
  • I used a large Sharpie to go over each line and fill in each number. You could also use paint. I already had a Sharpie in the house, so that’s what I used. It worked great.
  • I waited a few minutes so the marker could dry, then stained the board. I applied a few coats of stain. (note: I plan on going over the whole thing with a clear protective finish)

That’s all there is to it! So easy, right? Ours is hanging in a little hallway (reason for the sideways picture, and I was even standing in a closet) next to one of my favorite quotes.


photo 4 (8)

I just love the finished product! I can’t wait to track Lillian’s growth on it. It’s a family memento that we will keep and cherish forever. And now I won’t have to rip out a doorjamb in every house we pass through.

Happy DIYing,