Lillian | 9 Month Update

Happy 9 month birthday sweet little Panda!! 3/4 of a year old. How did that happen? Sniff sniff.

Weight: 19 pounds
Height: 28.75 inches
Favorite Pastime: Pulling herself up on anything and everything. Sitting in the side table and tossing magazines and newspapers all over the floor. Clapping. Being outside. Reading books.
Least Favorite Pastime: Waiting for her bottle. She flips out if she sees it and it’s not immediately in her mouth.
Favorite Food: Anything that she can pick up and feed herself. She’s over mush on a spoon.
Least Favorite Food: Carrots. Blended corn (but loves whole kernels). Peas. Green beans.
Sleep: She went through a week of waking up once or twice at night when she was learning to crawl. But now she’s back to sleeping all night.
Teeth: 2 teeth! No new teeth this month.
Crawling Status: Lillian is crawling all over the place, gaining more courage and speed every day. She’s so happy to be crawling. She’s way more content playing by herself now and isn’t so needy. It’s nice.
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 12 month tops, 18 month bottoms

photo(4) photo 4 photo(3) photo 2(2)1

Sorry about the blurry pics. It’s just easier to take them on my phone rather than getting out the huge camera and dealing with that whole situation. Also, Lillian chases after the darn camera strap and I can’t get her to sit still when I use it.

Until next time,


    • Briana Olson says:

      Thanks Kelsey. I’m pretty sure the jeggings and headband are from Target, the scarf is from Mabel McKinley downtown, and the sweater is from Old Navy. Have you ever been to Mabel McKinley? I’m hoping they expand their baby section.

  1. Katie Wangler says:

    Those pics are adorable because she is absolutely adorable. I just love reading about your family’s adventures in Alaska & as a mom! It is the best thing ever. And may I just say don’t you love changing hole corn in her diaper! Haha This summer you will have to give her some corn on the cob. My boys love it. Does Lily have a Nike shirt yet or a dickie?

    • Briana Olson says:

      Thanks so much Katie. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Lillian doesn’t have any Nike shirts or dickies yet. I did see a baby dickie on the Zara website and thought of you right away. I didn’t buy it though.

  2. rebecca mosser says:

    OMG! The outfit is too much! She is so darn adorable! She is getting so big! Luv the updates! When is she going to be in ND with the Grandparents? I might have to sneak down to Linton for a day! Miss u all!

    • Briana Olson says:

      She is getting so big Becky. She was in ND the 12-18. She was pretty busy traveling back and forth between Hazen and Linton. Will you be at Hannah’s wedding? We might make it down for that.

  3. Pepp says:

    What a cutie!! Since Hank hit 9 mo it’s been an absolute blur. The personality really starts to shine through! Cherish these crawling days cause once that rascal is up and running so will you! Take care love the pic updates!

    • Briana Olson says:

      She’s running along furniture now so I think the actual running days are not far off. Ughhh! I can’t wait until her and Hank can run around and cause trouble together. What are we going to do with those two?!?

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