Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Here are five things I am lovin’ this week.

1) Our next trip to ND/MN is booked! Lillian and I will be going back in May for a wedding. Can’t wait.

2) This meme about highlighting and contouring your face. Hilarious! Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how to do this properly? No matter how many tutorials I read on pinterest, I just don’t get it.

3) Lefse. Yesterday I found a coffee stand in Anchorage that serves Lefse. Did I stop? You betcha!


4) These faux leather baby leggings to match this pair that I already own. Twinning!

5) Evening strolls with my girl. It’s been really nice here, so we’ve been taking advantage. Lillian and I take a walk around our neighborhood every night and she absolutely loves it. She talks and kicks her little legs the entire time we are out. It’s so cute. The scenery is not bad either.




↑ Because that’s how we stroll.



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Orlando Vacation

A couple weeks ago, Blake and I traveled to Orlando. We spent most of our time at Blake’s annual general meeting (AGM) for work, but did have a few days to ourselves. Here’s how it all went down…

Day 1 & 2 – Flying. Ohhh the joys of living in Alaska. We left on a Tuesday evening and flew through the night to Minneapolis. During our layover in Minneapolis, I decided a pedicure would be a good idea. It was a great opportunity to get some girl time in with Lillian before dropping her off in ND.

photo 3 (10)

photo 4 (6)

From Minneapolis we headed to ND. Another long layover. We left the airport and had lunch with my mom, oldest brother, and Blake’s bestie and his little guy.

Alas, it was time to say goodbye to Lilly. I was a wreck. I cried the whole way back to the airport, while we said goodbye, and then through security, on the plane, and on the plane after that. In my defense, the red-eye from AK is the worst and I hadn’t slept in like 72 hours. ;)

Day 3 – Universal Studios. Blake’s conference kicked off that evening, but we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. Score! We headed to Universal Studios with a couple friends. We loved the Transformers ride and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster.

photo (64)



Day 4 & 5 – AGM. I won’t bore you with details. Just know that it was a blast. This was our 8th AGM (not sure how that’s even possible) and I think it was one of my favorites. I mean, we had exclusive access to Harry Potter World in Universal one night. Amazing.

photo (65)

photo (63)

Really, the best part about AGM was seeing all of our dear friends and their growing families. We become very close to these people very quickly. We move to an unfamiliar place together and sometimes all we have is each other. Then, a few years down the road, we all pick up and move to different projects around the world. It’s hard. AGM is the one time each year where we are all reunited. It’s the best.

Day 6 – Relaxation. We actually had plans to go to Epcot this day but we were too “tired” to make it. Instead, we hung out at the pool all day. It turned out to be a great day for the pool, so I’m not even mad about missing a day of Disney.

Day 7 – Animal Kingdom. We arrived early in the morning and hit up all the must-see attractions before lunch because we knew rain was on the way. Sure enough, the rain started falling after lunch, but that didn’t stop us. We threw on our ponchos and enjoyed the rest of the day.

photo 1 (11)

photo 1 (12)

FYI, if you want to meet Disney characters, go to the parks when rain is in the forecast. Proof below. Also, why would you ever take your small children to Disney? Sounds like torture to me. (guarantee I’ll be eating my words in a couple years when I insist we take Lilly)

photo 2 (12)

photo 3 (11)

photo 4 (7)

Day 8 – Flying. It sure is easy to cope with your vacation ending when you have a little sweetie waiting for you back home. It was sooo good to see Lillian. We missed her tons!

We had a great vacation. It was nice to spend time with Blake and so many of our friends. So much fun. So little sleep.

Until next time,

Five on Friday

Due to literally traveling across the country twice in one week AND everyone in our house getting the stomach flu, I’ve been on a blogging {and social media} hiatus. We are home and feeling better, so it’s time to get back at it.

It’s Friday! Here are five things I am lovin’ lately.

1) March Madness. Every year Blake and I fill out a bracket and have our own March Madness competition. We enjoy watching the games and love a good upset. Go NDSU. Just kidding! ;)

2) Lillian’s first time eating cheese buttons. When we dropped Lilly off in ND last week we had time to leave the airport and grab some lunch. We went to a little cafe that serves German from Russia food. Lillian had a sweet cheese button and a cup of knoephla soup. She could not get enough! She’s definitely her mama’s daughter.

photo 1 (8) photo 2 (8)

3) Springtime in Alaska. Or as I like to call it, “still winter with some sunshine and a lot more daylight”. It’s still pretty cold here, but the sun is setting around 8:30 PM and we gain about 6 minutes of sunlight a day. Maybe by mid-May most of the snow will melt and everything will finally turn green. Fingers crossed!

4) The Real Housewives of New York City. They’re back and nuttier than ever. I am a reality TV junkie and this is one of my favorites. 

Speaking of reality TV, some of our best friends are going to be on the HGTV series Living Alaska this weekend! We lived in CO with them, moved to AK together, and now we live right down the street from each other (Blake and Nate work together). Check out their TV debut on Sunday night at 10:00 PM e/p.


5) Bandana Bibs. A baby wearing a bandana? Stop it. It’s too cute. I am obsessed with bandana bibs! Not only are they an adorable accessory for your babe, but they double as a drool bib. All teething little ones should have multiple bandana bibs!

photo 2 (9)

Click here to see more pics of Lilly in one of her bandana bibs from the boutique Mabel McKinley in Anchorage. (note: the bib in the pic above is also from Mabel McKinley)

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and enjoying a low-key weekend together at home. I can’t wait!

Much Love,


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Alaskan Adventure | Iditarod & Fur Rondy

A couple weeks ago we checked two items off of our ‘Alaska Bucket List’. The Iditarod and the Fur Rondy winter festival!

On the first Saturday in March we headed into Anchorage for the ceremonial start of the 42nd Iditarod sled dog race. The “Last Great Race On Earth”. It’s a 1000 mile race from Anchorage to Nome. The whole thing blows my mind. I cannot believe people are willing and able to do this race. It is CRAZY to me!

We had such a great time cheering on all the mushers and sled dog teams as they started on their journey. The streets of Anchorage were packed with fans and spectators from all over the world. I’m so glad we were able to experience this awesome event.

The winner finished early this morning in 8 days and 13 hours. The musher in second place (the musher we were cheering for) finished just two minutes later. So close!




After all the teams were off, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the Fur Rondy festival. As I’ve mentioned before, Fur Rondy is a 10 day winter festival held in Anchorage. There are tons of events going on throughout the festival. It’s a lot of fun {and fur} for the whole family.






One of the main events of the festival is the Running of the Reindeer. It’s like the Running of the Bulls in Spain, but with an Alaskan twist… Reindeer! Blake and a couple of his buddies participated in the event. Of course he made his way through hundreds of people to be at the front of the starting line. I’m sure anyone that knows Blake is super surprised. I was busy video taping so I didn’t get any pictures. But I did search the internet far and wide to find some pictures of Blake.

Note: Everyone dresses in crazy costumes to do the race. That’s why Blake looks so amazing in all these pictures. ;)

We had a lot of fun enjoying this Alaskan celebration. We are already looking forward to next year.

IMG_4571(1)Until next time,

Lillian | 9 Month Update

Happy 9 month birthday sweet little Panda!! 3/4 of a year old. How did that happen? Sniff sniff.

Weight: 19 pounds
Height: 28.75 inches
Favorite Pastime: Pulling herself up on anything and everything. Sitting in the side table and tossing magazines and newspapers all over the floor. Clapping. Being outside. Reading books.
Least Favorite Pastime: Waiting for her bottle. She flips out if she sees it and it’s not immediately in her mouth.
Favorite Food: Anything that she can pick up and feed herself. She’s over mush on a spoon.
Least Favorite Food: Carrots. Blended corn (but loves whole kernels). Peas. Green beans.
Sleep: She went through a week of waking up once or twice at night when she was learning to crawl. But now she’s back to sleeping all night.
Teeth: 2 teeth! No new teeth this month.
Crawling Status: Lillian is crawling all over the place, gaining more courage and speed every day. She’s so happy to be crawling. She’s way more content playing by herself now and isn’t so needy. It’s nice.
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 12 month tops, 18 month bottoms

photo(4) photo 4 photo(3) photo 2(2)1

Sorry about the blurry pics. It’s just easier to take them on my phone rather than getting out the huge camera and dealing with that whole situation. Also, Lillian chases after the darn camera strap and I can’t get her to sit still when I use it.

Until next time,