Alaskan Adventure | Fishing Prince William Sound

In August Blake and I were  invited to go on an overnight fishing trip in the Prince William Sound. Our friends have a big ocean boat and they were nice enough to ask us to go out with them for the weekend. Do we have the best friends ever or what?! I was a little lot nervous about leaving Lillian, though I knew she would be in great hands. After days of being persuaded (and Blake begging), I decided it would be a healthy and much-needed break.


Best. Decision. Ever. We left early on a Saturday morning and drove to Whittier, where we docked the boat and got on the water. From there, we headed out to the middle of nowhere to find some fish. And find them we did! We caught tons of silver salmon and a few cod-fish. We also dropped some prawn pots, Deadliest Catch style. :)


Day 1


Day 1


Day 1 – first fish of the day


Day 1 – pulling pots is tough work


Day 1

Day 1 - a few of the silvers we caught

Day 1 – a few of the silvers we caught

We had such a fun day fishing, chatting, enjoying some adult beverages, and relaxing on the water. At sunset we dropped the anchor in a nice little bay, made some dinner, had a few more adult beverages, and eventually headed to bed. We woke up early Sunday morning and did it all over again!


Day 2 – waking up to a beautiful view


Day 2 – one of the many glaciers in Prince William Sound


Day 2


Day 2

I can definitely say that this was the best time I have had since moving to Alaska. Easily. We were surrounded by the most beautiful scenery imaginable. The weather was gorgeous. The company was great! The mountains were blue. The fish were biting. Good times all around.

We cannot thank our friends enough for taking us with them. We made great memories that will last a lifetime! I am still smiling and laughing about some of the stuff that happened on that boat.


  1. Šejla says:

    Breathtaking views!
    I love that you’ve started a blog, I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing Ms. Lillian’s pictures. Keep them coming!

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