Preparing For Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. We take off for North Dakota tonight to celebrate a late Christmas with ours! I will post later about how we spent our first Christmas as a family of three. For now, I’d like to share some of the fun and exciting things we did to prepare for it!

I have lots of great Christmas preparation memories. Some of my favorite include:

  • Setting up the video camera and decorating the Christmas tree with my brothers. Decorating could not commence until Elmo & Patsy’s Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer or Mickey’s Christmas Carol album was in the record player on full blast.
  • Baking Christmas goodies for days! My mom still calls to get our Christmas goody order and is sure to bake something special for each of us.
  • Driving to Bismarck on Christmas Eve EVE to start Christmas shopping with my mom. We would sprint around the mall until she crossed off every item on her shopping list. Who needs Christmas in July? With a little determination (and procrastination), all it really takes is one evening folks.

This year I was so excited to share these memories with Lillian and to create some new ones! Here are some of the festive things we did to prepare for Christmas:

1. We attended the Eagle River tree lighting. This was such a fun event to take Lillian to! It turned out to be a beautiful night. Lillian rode around in her carrier, checking out all the people, while Blake and I sampled yummy food and drinks. Here’s a fun Christmas in Alaska fact: Wherever there’s a Santa there’s usually always reindeer! I didn’t get any pictures of them though. :(

picstitch (2)

2. We shopped for and delivered goods to those in need. Blake’s work hosted a donation center so that is where Santa’s Little Helper and I delivered to. Canned goods are always a winner but if you’re ever looking for  ideas, we found that hats, gloves, and warm wool socks make great donation items.


3. We went to a festive show! Blake and I called in our favorite babysitter and had a fun night out on the town with a bunch of friends. We saw Christmas In Spenard, an Alaskan musical comedy. It was great. Wassail!

picstitch (6)

4. We planned our Christmas goody menu and baked for days! Our menu included Snowball Cookies, Pretzel Shortbread, Party Mix, Spicy Goldfish (or as Blake likes to call them… Spicy Tuna), Nacho Snack Mix, Lemon Buddies and Fudge. The recipes for my great grandma’s Fudge and my mom’s Spicy Goldfish can be found here.

picstitch (14)

5. We ventured out to a tree farm to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. This was a spur of the moment trip so please excuse Lillian’s crazy outfit and my wet hair.

picstitch (12)

6. We took Lillian to see Santa… twice! She saw him at the tree farm and we also took her to the mall. She handled sitting on his lap like a champ but kept grabbing for his beard and trying to put it in her mouth. I know, gross!!

picstitch (15)

Wow! That was a lot of fun packed into one post. I better get going. We leave in a few hours and I haven’t started packing yet. I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. We will be celebrating it in the air, probably with a screaming child. Thank goodness they serve alcohol on planes… and in airports. Cheers!!


  1. Pepper says:

    WOW that looked like a fine Christmas!!!
    You’re hair looks fricken awesome by the way super long luscious locks!!!!

    I’m celebrating New Years at work and saving up for a proper celebration with my bestie his hot wifey and there adorable offspring!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! From the Mettler’s.

    • alaskanpanda says:

      Thanks Pepper!! It was great spending time with you, April and Hank. I’m still a little sad Hank and Lillian ignored each other the entire time. A future marriage isn’t looking too promising.

      • Pepp says:

        Haha those rascals were just putting on a cover show in front of us!! It was super good seeing you too I’m sad it wasn’t long enough but I know how crazy it is trying to see everyone! We just have to get this house done so we can come up there for some one on one time!!!

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